About Mick

Officially, I am a curmudgeon.
Beyond that, however:
            • I am a husband, and a father of four healthy children and grandfather of four healthy grandchildren.
            • I am an observer of the human condition.
            • I am a writer, of poetry, mostly.
            • I am an American.
            • I am...blessed...

Most of my friends call me Mick McKellar

I am also known as Elwin N. McKellar, Jr.

I am sometimes known as Maudit Cybercurmudgeon

I am as old as my smile, and a bit older than some of my teeth. My home is in the cold, blowy, snowy, and gorgeous Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan's Upper Peninsula - essentially on a large island in Lake Superior.

I can be reached at mick@mmnetwork.info or mckellar@chartermi.net