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Communications Manager

09/2004 to 01/26/2009:

Employer: The Pine Mountain Music Festival
(Contract work 9/2004-12/2004, hired part-time as employee 1/1/2005, hired full-time 1/15/2006 - Title change 9/15/2008 from Marketing and Development Associate to Communications Manager)

My duties have included:
  • Marketing: Assisted Executive Director with marketing projects, work with other staff to advance the image of PMMF in all media and live events. Plan and develop e-marketing strategy and facilitate its production. Worked with Board of Trustees Management Committee.
  • Development: Assisted Executive and Development Directors with foundation research, grant writing, and reporting. Worked with Board of Trustees Management Committee.
  • Information Architect/Documentation Assitant: Assisted in development of internal documentation of policies, procedures, and archives.
  • Researcher and Reporter: Developed and wrote media releases, articles, and text for publication.
  • Editor/Writer/Webmaster: Edited publication materials for all media, including electronic media; proofread material developed by other staff members for dissemination or publication. Developed material for the PMMF website.
  • Consultant: technical writing/editing, electronic publishing, web site development, document management, multimedia, Win95/NT - XP, and instructional use of technology. (As a non-profit, PMMF uses a wide variety of older hardware and software.)
  • System Administrator: management of on-line accounts, maintenance of local area network, and individual (rapidly aging) computers.

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