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01/1992 to 08/12/2004: 

Employer: Michigan Technological University, Information Technology, Distributed Computing Services
(Note: I was also Documentation Coordinator during this time)

My duties included:
  • Faculty/Student/Staff CMS Application Support: WebCT (Course Management System), for MTU
  • Information Architect/Documentation Lead: DCS documentation, WebCT@MTU, and other projects
  • Researcher and Reporter: From Isolation to Collaboration: Enhancing the Copper Country Network Infrastructure, an IT/Research Excellence Fund grant project
  • Development and support: DCS and IT Intranets, multiple home pages, and electronic documents
  • Leader: Administrative DOCumentation (ADDOC) Team; Originator and Developer: ADDOC process
  • Strategic Planner: IT (forums, focus groups, analysis, documentation, reports, etc.)
  • Editor/Publisher: f.y.IT Update (electronic) and Conversion Connections (print) newsletters, IT Brochure (which won an award for design), various Annual Reports and Strategic Planning Documents
  • Consultant: technical writing/editing, electronic publishing, web site development, document management, multimedia, Win95/NT/98/XP, and instructional use of technology

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