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Education and Skills Development

Formal Education:
  • B.A., Liberal Arts in History - 1973: Michigan Technological University
  • Post-graduate Work: Bus. Adm. - 1974: Michigan Technological University
  • Post-graduate Work: Rhetoric & Tech. Communication - 1987-1993: Michigan Technological University

Professional Development:

While at Social Security Administration
  • Claims Representative Basic Course (SSA): Graduated November 1974
  • Transactional Analysis: Federal Certification 1978
  • Speed Reading/Scanning: Federal Certification 1978
  • Confrontational Ethics/Handling Angry Clients: Federal Certification 1980
    (there are many more, but not of much import here).

While at Michigan Technological University:
  • Benefits Management Short Course: Alexander & Alexander 1989
  • Passed 4 of 10 Exams for Benefits Manager Cert. from Wharton School of Business: 1990 (interrupted by move to Information Technology).
  • Diversity Training
  • Basic Manager Training
  • Total Quality Training
  • Employee Assistance Coordinator training
  • And many, many more training offerings, too numerous to mention here.

Conference based Skills Training:
  • CUPA and MCUPA annual training: 1987-1990 (College and University Personnel Assoc., Michigan CUPA)
  • SIGDOC sessions, 1993-1997 (ACMs Special Interest Group on DOCmentation)
  • ACUTA sessions, 1999

Hardware and Software Experience:
Hardware: Sun Sparc (Unix), Windows PC, Macintosh, Palm, and Dana computers.
OS Software: Unix, DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/2000/ME, XP, and a little Linux...
Productivity Software: FrameMaker 3/4/5/5.5 &6, WordPerfect 5.1-7.0, (Win, Unix), MSWord 5.0- MS Office 97/2000/2003/2007, browsers, HTML editors (including Dreamweaver 1.0-CS3), HTML conversion tools, multimedia packages, graphics tools, OCR, scanning software, presentation software, portable document conversion software, electronic course development software, e-mail management, Usenet news, calendaring, information mapping (MindManager), voice and handwriting recognition, course management software (Web Course in a Box and WebCT).